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Women, Wine & Divorce

A Virtual Do-It-Yourself Divorce Program for Maryland Residents 

​This program will teach you how to: 

  • File for divorce. 

  • Avoid costly legal fees. 

  • Complete a Complaint for Divorce. 

  • Complete a Settlement Agreement (if necessary). 

  • Work with your spouse to expedite the process.

  • File the necessary documents with the court if your spouse cannot be located. 

  • Serve your spouse. 

  • Prepare for the divorce hearing. 

  • And more! 


Meet Nyasha

If you are thinking about filing for divorce, save thousands of dollars with a little guidance from seasoned divorce attorney Nyasha West. 

Not every divorce case requires a lawyer. The Women, Wine & Divorce program is ideal for women who are filing for No Fault Divorce in Maryland.


Learn how to file your own divorce today. 

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Nyasha West, Esq.

West Law Firm

Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland 


Get a Fresh Start!

Step Into Your Future  

Join the Women, Wine & Divorce program and take a step in the right direction. Your new life is just around the corner. 

Gain access to a private Facebook support group of women who are enrolled in the program. 

Get empowered to view divorce as a fresh start.